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Working with Markwood Partners

At Markwood Partners, our goal is to work with companies to help create talent strategies that contribute to the success of their businesses. We believe an organization’s talent is too important to leave to chance. With that in mind, here is our philosophy:

  • We believe talent management is a business process critical to an organization’s success—every bit as important as the financial, marketing, and other processes that exist within most companies. We believe talent management processes can be defined, measured and improved.
  • Our business is built on relationships and understanding the individual client’s needs. Our job is to not only help you solve your problem, but also to help you think about your issues in new and different ways.
  • We believe people are valuable and unique and that there is both art and science involved in managing talent. You know your people well—our role is to supplement your views and judgment with tools that provide an objective assessment of performance and potential.
  • As the company name implies, our focus is on partnerships— not only with the clients we serve, but with trusted organizations we know can add value to our efforts. We partner with a select group of organizations that share our beliefs about talent management.
  • Formal or informal; clearly stated or unspoken; every organization has a set of “rules” that guide decisions about talent. Our goal is to help leaders define and clearly articulate their talent philosophy in order to communicate what it takes for associates to grow and advance.

If these thoughts resonate with you and you are ready to advance your organization’s talent management efforts, please contact us. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your challenges and the ways in which Markwood Partners can help.

Talent Strategies for Business Success