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About Markwood Partners

Markwood Partners works with business and HR leaders to help create talent management strategies that contribute to the success of their businesses by attracting, developing, and retaining a critical business asset – people. Many organizations take an ad hoc approach to talent management efforts. As a result, companies could face an array of questions as they seek to ensure they have the talent needed to move their businesses ahead. While every organization faces unique challenges, some common questions include:

  • How will we plan for and develop our next generation of leaders?
  • How can we identify associates with the potential to take on greater responsibility?
  • Is there a way to manage our organization’s talent more holistically, rather than through a series of disconnected efforts?

Markwood Partners understands these challenges and offers the experience and expertise needed to address them. Markwood Partners works with clients on an individual and personal consultative basis to define their specific needs and create practical solutions that help companies use their talent to create better business outcomes.

Talent Strategies for Business Success