Leadership Coaching

As a leadership coach, Mark Plaster serves as a valuable resource to leaders grappling with questions such as:

  • What is my role as a leader and how am I making an impact?
  • Where am I headed in my career and how can I make changes?
  • How do I find a sense of fulfillment at work?
  • How do I achieve a work and life balance?

Leadership coaching focuses on helping clients:

  • Understand how they show up in the world and the impact they make
  • Learn more about their unique strengths and opportunities for continued growth
  • Make the choices that allow them to create the change they are seeking in their lives

About Markwood Partners Coaching

Mark Plaster has completed the Coaches Training Institute® Co-Active Coach® Training Program. This coaching program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry.

Mark’s role as the coach is to guide the coaching process, rather than focus on achieving a predetermined outcome. By helping clients clarify what is truly important to them and explore their available choices, he enables them to create lasting and meaningful change. Mark’s goal is to help clients chart a course leading to the decisions and actions needed to create the necessary change to meet their goals.

Coaching focuses on the following principles to help clients reach their true potential:

  • Achieving true meaning and satisfaction from life. In coaching sessions, Mark will help clients discover their unique qualities, identify self-defeating actions, and see the vision for their futures.
  • Feeling empowered in making effective choices and taking action. Clients will learn new perspectives and determine a committed plan of action, while remembering that they always have choices in life.
  • Experiencing and fully living in the present moment. Coaching will help clients work through emotionally-charged issues, and deal with uncertainty as an inevitable part of life.

If you would like to improve your impact as a leader, or to create change in your life Mark can help you chart a course to the future you envision.

Contact Mark at Markwood Partners today to learn more about leadership coaching and how it can help you meet your goals.